Earth building, because it’s a beautiful, affordable, locally sourced sustainable construction material which reduces our dependence on cement, a leading contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.


We are delighted that WISE at Centre for Alternative Technology was a winner of the European Label for Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe. Rammed Earth Consulting acted as consultants for WISE

  Prize winning
Hill Holt Wood
  UK Local Authority
earth classrooms

Some rammed earth projects around Africa on our facebook page




Rammed earth from Lutyens to Gaudi, many of the world’s best-known architects have experimented with it.
Read the Financial Times rammed earth article

Brighton University
  New classroom
Shipungu, Zambia

Take a look at this from YouTube, someone explaining the problem of cement and CO2 emissions. Since this was made the problem has got worse...


Sustainable building:
needs sustainable materials like rammed earth. Using the earth on your site reduces co2 emissions for building materials and transport.

Earth construction:
has been used for sustainable buildings and homes for a long time and now its getting a lot of attention. New earth building standards and codes are making it easier to understand and use. Earth building national organisations are setting up and collaborating to help make the material at your feet into safe and affordable earth construction.